Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Robyn Chat


  1. Thanks Robyn for your chat. Good luck with the summer. I don't know how you do it druing the school year much less during the summer.
    I have 2 kids and sometimes wonder how I do that. God Bless You!!!

    Keep them busy with crafts. They've shown that they love it & are good at it. My kids, DS 12 & DD 7 love to see the children at work.


  2. Nice having the chat.How do you find the time to do the tutorials??Especially with 5 children!!!BTW I enjoyed all of them and keep going back to them for help or inspiration when I stuck on a project.

    Thanks for all the help.

  3. You are just too cute! I loved the tutorial of the Waterfall card. I'd probably never see it, if you hadn't done it...I don't visit too many message boards. I do however love your videos!


  4. Hi Robyn~
    I check your blog daily for the new videos that always inspire me to use many of the things that I already have. I did not see the other video, So thank you for posting yours here...
    I would love to see more coloring techniques. After seeing the watercolor crayon video, I am now trying to find the 48 count SU watercolors...LOL~
    Keep up the great work

  5. hi Robyn, nice to see you , so cute , fantastic tutorial for the waterfall card ,
    good luck for tomorrow with all the troupes around you , you will think of some think ( i find mine want to relax for the first few days ) how you will ever manage crafting :) keep it up .

  6. Love this video Robyn. It is so funny that as the video was playing, I was thinking how beautiful and long your hair is and then I see on the screen that you are getting it cut. Make sure to show us your new style afterwards. Good luck with the summer and keeping the kids busy--I am sure you will do just fine.

  7. Hi Robyn!!! I'm totally dreading the last day for my 2 older children. With their dad deployed to Iraq, I'm going to have to think of things to do. I'm sure we'll survive! Good luck and take care! I'm loving the videos! Thanks!

  8. I love Your tutorials. I hope the kids Help u make some more and Not keep u 2 busy that u cant make any! I am thnking about getting my hair chopped off too.. I am going to wait to see what u do maybe I like yours and will get the same cut.:+)
    OOO Every time I make something I wonder did anybody else do the same thing. It is just too much to keep up with U dont worry about that just keep up the GREAT WORK!! I Love the waterfall I saw mine on Craft TV so it's all over the place..:+) But I loved the way U used the Eyelets.Had not thought about that.
    Hugs Mary

  9. Hi Robyn,
    I love, love, love all your videos and crafts and so does my 3 year old-I think it's the music. : ) You are so talented! It's about time we see you in the video! : ) I enjoyed the chat. Thanks for all the help!


  10. Robyn,
    It was great to see you! I'll be praying for you. I have five at home all the time and I know how hard that can be! You will laugh, cry and all the emotions in between...but well worth it! Think of all the great snapshots you'll have to scrapbook after the summer! THanks for all the videos! They are so helpful!

  11. I love all your videos and crafts You are so talented! It's about time we see you in the video! I'm always checking to see if a new video is up and waiting for me.
    Thanks for sharing with us.


  12. Thanks for all the inspiration! I now visit your blog daily. I love how you use the cricut with your SU stuff. I have a hard time combining the two and would love to see more of that. Cards, LOs, whatever. I also just ordered the "color spritzer" from SU. I think thats what its called. It hooks up to your marker and sprays ink. If you have it I would love to watch you use it! And, if nothing else, I just like watching you make cards. Its so nice to watch someone else scrap. Just kind of gives you new little ideas of how to use your tools in a better way! Keep up the great work and good luck this summer!


  13. Hi Robyn!
    I loved your video. I'm going to have to try the waterfall card. My oldest 3 are out of school on June 4th and then I will have all 5 at home too. Can't wait to see more videos.

  14. Hi Robyn

    very nice video, i want to say thank you for the work you do with your tutorials, taking time to teach us!!!

    Gracias, thanks!!


  15. YOU ARE AWESOME, and I have no doubt that the summer will be filled with fun and a lot of crafts for the kids and all of us (no pressure lol). Thank you so much for all that you do. I too look at the blog daily hoping for the that next video I am addicted to The Pink Stamper blog!!!!!!!!!!

  16. love your videos. You have taught me a lot. After working all day come home and you are the first site I go to. Thank you!!! I have 3 kids and besides baseball they love swimming. Have a great summer and update us w/kid videos.

  17. I love these videos and seeing you on camera!! too much fun. Wow, school doesn't get out on the east coast until mid june at the earliest. Hang in there!!

  18. Hi, Robyn! It was great to see you in front of the camera this time. I check your blog almost every other day to see what new video you have for us..I really look forward to it!

    Have a good summer with your babies...I have 3 at home, and do it alone, so I know the summer blues oh-so-well! We plan on going camping a lot this year, weather permitting!

  19. Hi Robin, I look foreward to your video's. Have you done an exploding box video?
    I have seen the instruction but seeing the video's are so much nicer.
    I get emails when you put something new up.
    Thank you so much for doing this. Andrea A.

  20. thank you again for all you do, I have no idea how you do it during the school year nevermind during summer best of luck to you.

  21. Great chat Robyn. I know what you mean about the summer time. I always dread it and trying to keep kids busy. Keep them crafting.

  22. Hi Robin, I hope you have a great summer with your kids. So enjoy watching your videos.
    Thanks for all the time you put into them.

  23. I, too love the videos, and have learned so much! I'm going to try the candle technique.
    Would you mind sharing with me what video program you use for adding the fast-motion and captions? I just got a digital camcorder for my birthday, and have yet to do anything with the videos. My email is jsdevoe@charter.net

  24. Hi Robyn! NICE CHAT!
    That was a great thing to do. See, even creative with your blog! What a girl! I'm such a fan! Keep 'em comin' Robyn!

  25. Hey Robyn,
    I enjoy all your videos! i am anxious to see your new hair style too. You really like your adhesive gun? It looks so cumbersome. I would like to see a card with a cut out window using the nestabilities and cuttlebug if you are able. Thank you.

  26. Robyn,
    Just wanted to comment on your videos. They're just AWESOME!! I know how you feel about keeping kids busy for the summer. I have 2 college kids and I homeschool my 2 younger ones. Hope to see more fun videos.


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