Saturday, May 10, 2008

All My Videos

I wanted to make one simple post where you can look to find all my past and present videos. Here they are!!!


Episode 355 - Happy Hoo-lidays Card - Cricut Explore - 12 Days of Christmas
A Punny-licious Christmas My Pink Stamper Stamps
(December 10, 2014)

Episode 354 - Pink Christmas Tree Card - Cricut Expression - 12 Days of Christmas
Biggie Christmas My Pink Stamper Stamps
(December 9th, 2014)

Episode 353 - Big Hugs Card - Cricut Expression - 12 Days of Christmas
Get Well Wishes My Pink Stamper Stamps, Birthday Bash Cricut Cartridge
(December 8th, 2014)

Episode 352 - Christmas Tag using the Cricut Explore - 12 Days of Christmas
A Punny-licious Christmas
(December 8th, 2014)

My Pink Stamper Live - Cricut Expression 2 Launch Party!
Cricut Expression 2
(April 25, 2011)

Episode 276 - Cupcake Toppers using the Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine,  Yummy Imagine Cartridge
(April 15, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live - Part 2
(April 14, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live - Part 1
(April 14, 2011)

Episode 275 - A Simple Cupcake Card with the Cricut Expression 2!
Cricut Expression 2, American Alphabet,  Sweetest Cupcakes My Pink Stamper Stamps
(April 7, 2011)

Episode 272 - My Pink Studio Finished!  With Karlee!
(April 4, 2011)

Episode 273 - Cricut Expression 2 - Anniversary Edition!!
Cricut Expression 2
(March 30, 2011)

Episode 271 - Accordion Book using Cricut Luau Cartridge
Luau Cartridge, My Pink Stamper Stamps,  Family and Friends Stamp Set
(March 24, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live from the Texas Stampede
(March 19, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Weekly Live - Episode 4
(March 17, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Weekly Live - Episode 3
(March 10, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live from Florida
(February 25, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live Weekly - Episode 2
(February 23, 2011)

My Pink Stamper Live Weekly - Episode 1
(February 17, 2011)

Episode #270 - Valentine's Day Goodie Bags (Imagine Pink Wednesday)
Goodie Bags, Imagine, Enjoy the Seasons Imagine Cartridge, Happiest Moments My Pink Stamper Stamps (February 9th, 2011)

Episode #268 - My Pink Stamper "Not So Live" with Jinger Adams
CHA Winter 2011

Episode #267 - Have fun with Cricut
Provo Craft Gala, CHA Winter 2011

Episode #266 - The Adventures of Cricut
CHA Winter 2011

Episode #264 - You're a Deer Card
Campin' Critters Cartridge, More Punny-licious My Pink Stamper Stamp Set

Episode #263 - Cricut Imagine using vinyl & the Gypsy
Gypsy, Vinyl, Imagine

Episode #262 - My Pink Studio Update

Episode #261 - Hoo-ray for You Card
Create a Critter Cartridge, Tweetie Hoo Puns My Pink Stamper Stamp Sets

My Pink Stamper Live
January 7th, 2011

Episode #260 - Gem Tac with my friend, Mike, the Glueologist
Gem Tac, Kids Krafts

Episode #259 - Happy New Year's Eve Video

Episode #258 - My Pink Studio Video #2

Episode #257 - My Pink Studio Video #1

Episode #256 - Christmas Goodie Bags
Simply Charmed Cartridge, Winter Punnies, Gifts

Episode 255 - Christmas Tags with the Imagine
Winter Frolic Cricut Cartridge, Mr. Frosty Imagine Cartridge, Winter Punnies Stamp Set by My Pink Stamper

Black Friday Shopping with Karlee and Robyn
(November 27, 2010)

Episode #254 - Your Story Photo Cupcake Journal
Simply Charmed, Gypsy (November 24, 2010)

Episode #253 - Card Sets for Christmas Gifts
Smiley Cards, Gifts (November 22, 2010)

Episode #252 - Dinosaur Scrapbook Page - Guest Designer for Imaginisce
Imaginisce Product (November 9, 2010)

Episode #251 - Christmas Ornaments with Glitter It and Glitter
Plantin Schoolbook, Glitter It

Episode #250 - Cricut Cake Mini Cake (aka the Pink Cheeseburger Cake!)
Cake Basics Cartridge, Pink Journey Cartridge (November 3, 2010)

Episode #249 - Snowflake Card
Winter Lace Cartridge, Winter Punnies My Pink Stamper Stamps (November 2, 2010)

Episode #248 - Pink Christmas Card
Winter Frolic Cartridge, Pinka-licious My Pink Stamper Stamp Set (October 25, 2010)

Episode #247 - Printable Vinyl
Best Friends Imagine Cartridge (October 27, 2010)

My Pink Stamper Live Broadcast Pink Pajama Party Live with Karlee and Robyn
(October 22, 2010)

Episode #246 - Crafts Direct Video - My visit to Minnesota to teach!
(October 15, 2010)

Cricut Kids Krafts - Quick Lesson by a 5 year old!
(October 15, 2010)

Episode #245 - My Pink Imagine-Nation Wednesday
Imagine Sizing

Episode #244 - Pick of the Patch Card
Simply Charmed Cartridge, Spooky Puns (October 12, 2010)

Bonus Video of Karlee and Robyn Adventures
(October 11, 2010)

Episode #243 - My Pink Imagine-Nation Wednesday with Post It Paper
Imagine More Cartridge (October 6, 2010)

Episode #242 - Monterrific Box
Happy Hauntings Cartridge, Spooky Puns My Pink Stamper Stamps (October 2, 2010)

Episode #241 - Bling it Up Challenge with the Imagine
Imagine More Cartridge, My Pink Imagine-Nation (September 29, 2010)

Episode #240 - Trick or Tweet Card
3 Birds on Parade Cartridge Tweetie Hoo Puns (September 23, 2010)

Episode #238 and Episode #239 - My Pink Imagine-Nation Wednesday
Calibration, White Paper Comparison

Episode #237 - Party Animal Card
Birthday Bash Cartridge, Everyday Life My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #236 - Apple of my Eye with Cricut Imagine
Cricut Imagine, Country Life Cartridge, Fruit and Veggie Puns My Pink Stamper Stamps (September 14, 2010)

My Pink Stamper Live Broadcast!
All about the Imagine (September 13, 2010)

September 11th Challenge

Episode #235 - Cricut Imagine RGB Codes
Cricut Imagine, Create a Critter, Bad Acting (September 10, 2010)

Episode #234 - Cricut Imagine using Dinosaur Tracks Layout
Cricut Imagine, Dinosaur Tracks (September 8, 2010)

Episode #233 - Cricut Imagine is in the House!
Cricut Imagine (September 6, 2010)

Episode #232 - Birthday Cake Card with Eyelets
Birthday Cake Cartridge, Everyday Life My Pink Stamper Stamps (August 31, 2010)

Episode #231 - A Little Birdie Told Me It's Cold Outside Card
3 Birds on Parade, Winter Punnies, (August 27, 2010)

Episode #230 - Sweet Cupcake Card
Sweet Treats, Everyday Life My Pink Stamper Stamps (August 18, 2010)

Episode #229 - Too Cute Too Spook Card
Mini Monsters, Spooky Puns (August 20, 2010)

Episode #228 - ATG Gun Comparison

Episode #227 - Thinking of You French Manor Card
French Manor, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Viewer Surprise!  

CHA - My Pink Stamper Extras
July 2010

CHA - My Pink Stamper Live #4
July 2010

CHA - My Pink Stamper Live #3
July 2010

CHA - My Pink Stamper Live #2
July 2010

CHA - My Pink Stamper Live #1
July 2010

CHA - Provo Craft Cricut Gala
July 2010

CHA - Update with Robyn & Karlee
July 2010

Episode #226 - What a Pear Card
Preserves, Fruit and Veggie Puns My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #225 - Let It Snow Card (Martha Stewart)
Seasonal Cake Art

Episode #224 - Bear Hugs Card
Create a Critter, More Punny-licious MPS Stamps

Episode #223 - Monogram Card with Botanicals 
Botanicals, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #222 - Fun Cupcake Wrappers with Karlee and Robyn
Cupcake Wrappers, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #221 - Painting Your ATG Gun

Episode #220 - That Stinks Card
Live Simply, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #219 - Chore Chart
Chore Chart

Karlee and Robyn Update
Just for fun!

Episode #218 - Simply Sympathy Card
George, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #217 -  Ruff Day Card (Gypsy)
Create a Critter, Punny-licious MPS Stamps

Episode #216 - No Boys Allowed Vinyl Project
Wall Decor and More

Episode #215 - Nuts About You Card
Cindy Loo, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #214 - Seed Slider
Freshly Picked

Episode #213 - Witchy Hat Card
Mini Monsters

Episode #212 - Quick Graduation Card
Locker Talk

Episode #211 - Father's Day Card
Old West, Family and Friends Stamp Set (MPS Stamps)

Episode #210 - To Be a Princess Scrapbook Page
Once Upon a Princess

Episode #209 - Gift Packaging for Card Sets

Episode #208 - Stinkin' Cute Card
Create a Critter, Punny-licious

Episode #207 - Moovelous Farm Scrapbook Page
Create a Critter

Episode #206 - Mother's Day Card
Paisley, Family and Friends My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #205 - A Card for my BFF (Forever Young)
Forever Young Cartridge, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #204 - Ruff Day Cake
Cake Basics, Create a Critter, Cricut Cake

Episode #203 - Simple Wedding Card
Weddings Cricut Cartridge, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #202 - Hippo-licious Card
Create a Critter Cartridge

Episode #201 - Cricut Cakes with Robyn
Cake Basics Cricut Cartridge, Cake Decorating

Episode #200 - Introducing the Cricut Cake
Cricut Cake, Cake Basics

Episode #199 - Pink, Green, and Black Challenge
Hannah Montana Cartridge

Episode #198 - Super Tweet Card
Create a Critter, Gypsy, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #197 - Forever Young Birthday Card
Forever Young

Episode #196 - Wormy Worm Card 
Create A Critter, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Krafting with Karlee - Wish-Shoe
Paisley Cartridge

Cricut Swarm with Karlee and Robyn
March 25, 2010

My Pink Stamper Live Broadcast (March 26, 2010)

Adventures of Karlee and Robyn 
March 25, 2010

Episode #195 - Baptism Paper Doll Card
Paper Doll Dress Up

Episode #194 - Like No Udder Card
Create a Critter

Episode #193 - Spring Scrapbook Layout
Cricut Holiday Cake Cartridge

Episode #192 - Vinyl Wall Art with Cake Basics
Cake Basics

Episode #191 - Quick Robotz Scrapbook Page

Episode #190 - Quick Robotz Card

Episode #189 - Princess Ice Cream Cone Card (Large)
Once Upon a Princess

Episode #188 - Sweet Treats Party Favors (my son's bday treats)
Sweet Treats

Episode #187 - Just Because "Pie" Card
Just Because Cards

Episode #186 - Preserves "Check Holder" Card

Episode #185 - Butterfly New Arrival Card
New Arrival

My Pink Stamper Live Broadcast- (2-27-10)

Episode #184 - Forever Young Purse Set
Forever Young, Note Cards

Episode #183 - Cricut Hopper Card
Stretch Your Imagination

Episode #182 - Preserves Card Set
Preserves, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #181 - Straight from the Nest Cupcake Card
Straight from the Nest, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Episode #180 - Ladybug Card
Just Because Cards

Episode #179 - Give a Hoot Raccoon Scrapbook Page
Give a Hoot, Stickles

Viewer Request, Paisley, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Doodlecharms, Valentine's Day

My Favorite Things Stamps

Designer's Calendar

From My Kitchen

Paisley, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Sweet Treats, Plantin' Schoolbook

My Pink Stamper

Sweet Treats, My Pink Stamper Stamps

(What a fun time!)

January 22nd, 2010

Sentimentals, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Sweethearts, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Cuttlebug, Forever Young, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Paper Doll Dress Up, Mini Monograms, Simply Sweet, My Pink Stamper Stamps

Forever Young

My Pink Loft, Scrap Space

Songbird, Scrapbook Page

Stretch Your Imagination

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Couture Cardstock, When It's Cold Outside

Snow Friends

Paper Doll Dress Up; Tags, Bags, Boxes and More

Peachy Keen Stamps, Doodlecharms

Gypsy, Pooh Font

Episode #152 - Removed

Gypsy, Everyday Paper Dolls

Winter Woodland




Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge

Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge

Episode #144 - Removed

Cricut Cartridge Stamping

From My Kitchen Cricut Cartridge

Crocheted Flowers and Stamp Set

Pink Journey Cartridge

Rubber stamping, Cuttlebug card

Mini Monograms Cartridge

Doodlecharms, Hello Kitty, Locker Talk Cricut cartridges

A Child's Year Cricut cartridge

Mini Monograms Cricut cartridge; Tart and Tangy Stampin' Up! stamp set

Hannah Montana Cricut cartridge

New Arrival Cricut cartridge

Mini Monograms Cricut cartridge, Papertrey Ink Fruit stamp set

Papertrey Ink Cupcake stamp set

Simply Sweet and Mini Monograms Cricut Cartidges

Mini Monograms Cricut Cartridge, Stamps

Stand and Salute, Simply Sweet Cricut cartridges

Custom Crops 2a and 2b Video - Word Book

Using Close to My Heart "Be Yourself" and Graphically Speaking Cricut Cartridge

Custom Crops Video 1A - Hello Kitty Greetings

Scrapbook Page using Graphically Speaking & Hello Kitty Greetings Cricut Cartridges

Kids' Krafts #2 (Episode 32)


  1. Wow! Look at all you've done in a short time! Keep them coming :)


  3. i just love your site and all the awesome videos, they are a great help.
    Ann W

  4. Thanks Robyn, love your video tutorials.... keep them coming!!!!


  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the tutorial on unmounting rubber stamps


  6. Just want to let you know I lurk at your blog all the time!! Thank you for all your wonderful video and inspiration!!!

  7. Thank you so so very much for the
    great videos,great,

  8. Pam
    I am just waiting for my tax return so I can buy my Cricut Expression. I can't wait to try some of the things you have shown on your videos. They are great! Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

  9. Hi Robyn,

    I am 13 years old and i live in Australia. I have recently received the stampin up catalogue and I was wondering what you think I should buy.


  10. I'm new to the whole card making/scrapbooking thing so your videos have really come in handy! I was wondering if you could do a video about the supplies you use. Bazzil, stickels, stamps and other supplies are really confusing for the novist. What would be a good selection of supplies for the beginner to start their collection? There is so much out on the market I don't know where to start. Your input is greatly needed.

  11. Your vidios help me so much I learn visually so this has been a big help Thanks for all your hard work and am lookin forward to more

  12. Robyn I know i have said it before but your videos have saved me soo much paper and test sheets . I bought my cricut not knowing how to do much on it at all and thanks to you I know I can do it now!!! My fav video is Cricut Series #14 Episode 88 wild card ep ! I love that cartridge and if it wasnt for you i would have cut out a bunch of cards too big for the envelopes . Thanks for the wonderful tip to cut the envelope first! . YOU ROCK !

  13. I watched your 100th video. It was great as all of the ones I have watched. When I was looking thru for my favorite #12 End caps on Plantin Schoolbook I realized I am way behing on viewing all of them. I will have to look at them when I am not so tired. I justed started wanting Hello Kitty today and then I watched your video and really wanted it more. Thanks for offering it to a lucky winner.

  14. Robin I just watched your 100 episode and I loved it!!!! Who knew how versicle the Hello Kitty was my favorite episode was #94 Basketball card I needed something for my daughter's Basketball couch and you had such a great ideal. Thanks for all you do. I just love your ideals! Amy Timmers

  15. Hey missy,
    I stalk your page everyday to search for new videos. You make it look so easy! I want a CriCut!!! Grrr.. :) Hahaha
    Brittany (

  16. Hi Robyn,

    I was trying to tell myself I didn't need HK. You have showed me I am wrong - I think Provo Craft should have you on the payroll. lol

    I have a lot of favorite videos but a simple card has to be the best because before that I didn't think I would ever make cards and now I am.

    I enjoy making them but I don't get any los done when I make cards.

    Thanks again for all the videos.

    Nana Jo

  17. angie rhodes - 319-651-49184/25/2009 3:45 PM

    Wow was I excited when I just happened to come across your site and I can't tell you how many times I have passed this site on to my friends! I just recently got a cricut create and I love it!! I love your videos-the ideas for the cards are awesome and I find myself using them alot! you are so fast though-I find myself checking my email regularly to see if I have a new video to watch - I would have to say that MY favorite video would be (wow its sooo hard to pick - they have all helped me whether I am just getting to know my cricut or I am learning how to make a card or layout) I guess the one that I have passed on to my friends was the trick with reglueing your mat!!! because saving money on my mat meant more money I could spend on papers, ribbons, stamps etc. I was so excited when I saw that one that I had to go to my local craft store(michaels) and get a zig pen(which is the first time I ever heard of it)- and I loved it and now I have many different sizes of that pen (helps with gluing on small letters) I love all the tricks with the card making and how you have made making them so fun and easy. your ribbon tricks are good and I really wanna try etching soon and the vinyl. Thanks for giving me ideas, info and, inspiration keep up the good work!! til your next video. Thanks again Angie

  18. Hi Robyn,

    I came across your videos on YouTube by accident. I had gotten my Cricut Expression this past Christmas and it had been sitting there for months. I was so afraid to use it. I wanted to learn how when I went searching on YouTube and found you. Well I am hooked and you are an inspiration! I have a small townhouse but have converted 1/2 of my den into my craft area (the other 1/2 is for my Goldendoodle Lily!). I was just into scrapbooking for over 4 years but you have shown me a whole different world of other treasures, especially stamping which I am addicted now and making cards for my loved ones. All the information you give on the different sites for your products are so helpful as well. Your videos are amazing and so are you! I look forward to visiting you every day and learning from you. Thanks for everything!


  19. Thank you for your fabulous ideas! I am loving the cricut but I know I wouldn't use it half as well if I hadn't had viewed your videos. Well done!

  20. dear robyn i really want to win the cricut cartrige!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. hi robyn,

    I am saving for a cricut and i was on you tube and i was watching different videos and yours are really good and now i want the cricut more then ever and i watch your videos every day and i really hope i win the cartridge so when i get the cricut i can have something to start with. i love you videos!!!


  22. Hi , I course I love Robyn, but I'm looking for a lady who did great cards on a glossy card stock that is painted and stamped . Anybody know who I'm talking about.I don't remember how to do them . Can anybody help?Thank you.

  23. Hi. I'm C.A. ( initial )
    I just started watching your videos and wanted to be part of the From The Kitchen drawing. Thanks.

  24. Your videos are great. I have just discovered them on youtube and they are so helpful. Thanks

  25. I love your videos Robyn. I don't have a Cricut but I do have a Klic-N-Kut. I love your videos! Thank you for being so generous and sharing them with us!

  26. this is my first visit to your site and it is great. your videos are very helpful and thanks for doing this

  27. Heyy Pink Stamper ! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win a CRICUT......

  28. Missed you! Just returned from Family get together in Belize. I purchased a new Expression and giving my previous Cricut to my niece. She is so excited, we both have many photos from our trip to scrapbook. I have told her about your site and will be sending it to her.
    Thanks for your training tips!

  29. I'm sorry robyn, but I hat the music. I need your talking instructions. The music just distracts me. Please go back to giving instructions.

  30. Hi Robyn, I love all of your videos. I have watched them all. You are an inspiration.

    I do have one question about the gypsy... If the cartridges are linked to that specific gypsy, what happens if something happens to it or you need to purchase a new gypsy? Will you have to purchase the carts again or is there a way to release them and transfer to the new gypsy?


  31. Robyn,

    You are so great, I am so excited that I am learning my new Cricut Expression that my husband just bought me lastnight, an early christmas gift. You are great!!

  32. Robyn,

    I just found your website today because I was looking to find how to use my new Cricut Expression, I have been watching your videos all night and following along with them, thanks so much for your time to help us new Cricut users, I love scrapbooking and I honestly have to say that I would always get scrappers block and now with your videos and the Cricut I have been whipping up pages and never before did I like to do cards but I did my first one today because you made it look so easy and mine came out great and now I will be doing cards as well, thanks again sooooooooo much.

  33. I forgot to say Happy Holidays!!!!


  34. Hi! Robyn love watching your videos..your room is really adorable. projects are all so cut. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  35. Hi Robyn,

    Love your videos and website! Can't wait to get my cricut expression and cuttlebug, it is enroute somewhere in the US. I have lots to learn and lots of supplies to geit...little by little.

  36. Please whip up something with Cricut Zoobaloo and the Wild Card! I am new to cricut but so addicted I didn't move from the computer all during my winter break! Please enter my name in your drawing........I need it all, and, my school children will thank you!

    Darlene.......PS, loved the videos with Karlee

  37. Hi Robyn,
    Your sooo awesome & please keep up the gr8 work. I have learned sooo much from you & your videos. Love the organizational tips. You've inspired me to redo my scrap room.:)

  38. I am a newbie to the scrapbooking world. I have just received my new Cricut Expression. I am so excited of getting ready to do my first project. I love the videos that you have posted here. I also want to say that I love your Pink Loft that you have created. I noticed that I did not see a video on creating mini albums. Do you do mini albums or not? I would like to see you create a video on that.

  39. Hey Robyn! I love your videos, they're so inspiring! I am having trouble finding good quality, reasonably priced cardtock at any of my local stores- they only sell flimsy stuff, or the $1 a page stuff, and I go through so much of it I can't afford a dollar a page! Can you suggest a good website for cardstock? Thanks so much!


  40. OMG thank you!!! Love your blog, love your videoes, I think I love you too... *LOL*


  41. I just watched your video with the Couture Cardstock. Are they still giving the free pack of paper. I'm new to cardmaking and I just got the Cricut Expression and love it so much. Thanks for all your video, it helps a lot. Keep them comeing. Thanks, Anne

  42. Hey all your videos.Sorry I missed your live one Friday nite (sick and couldn't stay up):(

  43. I think "teacher" and "master teacher" now apply. I am blown away by all that you have to offer us and the time you take to teach us. You are a blessing to me and many others! Oh, did I mention inspiration, too? Yup! Kelly

  44. Robyn,

    I love watching your videos. I just got my cricut and have started with episode 1. I think I have watched all of them so far.

    You really motive one to get excited about the cricut and all the different cartridges.

    Sue Rolfe

  45. Oope forgot to leave my name
    Megan (Fall-less Texan)

  46. I absolutely love your blog and videos!! I'll be receiving a cuttlebug and cricut for my birthday next week and I can't wait to get started! I'm learning a lot from you. THANKS! :)

  47. I love all your videos!!! I love when you go shopping with your flip like on black Friday!!! Thanks!

  48. I love your video on how to tie a bow. I've been following you ever since... Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. How can you NOT love the pink Christmas card?!

  50. WOW\!! to see them all lined up like that is astonishing. I have to say any of your Halloween videos are my favorite. You look like you are having so much fun.
    Thanks for the opportunity

  51. Favorite video: Hmm, I would have to say the 1st one. It revolutionized the way I tie bows (I am overtly ribbon challenged) and got me hooked on your videos.
    Thanks for all you do.

  52. I would say my favorite is your black friday. You and your friend were standing at the cricut display just like my husband and myself were. He laughed at the thought that I wasn't the only one out there doing it! belinda3388@gmail

  53. New List? I was just on your site yesterday looking at some of the old videos. The ones on the function keys. I love those videos. Of course you've heard that before. But it is the truth when I say that I learned every thing I know about how to use my cricut from your videos. I just didn't realize there were over 250! Thanks again for all you do to teach us.

  54. I love your videos can you please make a card about the little mermaid Arel

  55. Robyn - Do you have a video showing how to use the 12" x 24" mat with the Cricut Expression - do you have to have the Design Studio to turn the images around?

  56. Watching your videos made my daughter and i better on using the cricut. So keep them coming girl. We love it!!!!

  57. I love to scrapbook with my grand-daughter

  58. thank you soo much i think you projects are wonderful and you are the person who has inspired me to buy a cricut

  59. when are you makeing more vids

  60. Wow! THANKS TONS! I am keeping this list for future reference. I learn so much from you-you have the BEST inspirational site ever for me and aI THANK YOU.

  61. sahara
    which cricut do u prefer

  62. Hi Robyn,

    My name is Emily, and I live in the UK. During a late-night internet session (refreshing facebook until something interesting happened), I found one of your videos on youtube - making the accordian book with the Luau cartridge, and Karlee - and was completely hooked.
    I researched and found some cartridges and a Cricut on ebay at a reasonable price, and I've been unstoppable ever since!
    I work as a care assistant in a nursing home for the elderly, and I've taken my Cricut in for the residents to have a go. They love it too! Now, thanks to your inspiration,we have an activity scrapbook (all our photos go in there, with journalling from the residents who want to have a go) as well as making our own occasion cards.
    We're going to put up a stand in the front hall with an honesty box and start selling our cards so we can fund some outings - some of the residents want to go to the zoo or safari park, as well as out for lunch and to garden centres but we don't have our own minibus anymore (it died a tragic death with lots of rust involved...).
    So I just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me to start crafting, and thank you for bringing so much joy to a little nursing home in the UK.
    We have so much fun in the afternoons now, and it improves dexterity in some of our residents too!
    So thank you, and long may you continue crafting!



  64. I LOVE THE PINK STAMPER!!!!!!!!!! You are AMAZING!!!!

  65. Just learned about you from 3 DVDs I purchased from Scrappy Bargains web site. Love them! I have a lot of catching up to do on this site.


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