Monday, April 07, 2008

Scrapbook Time!!

I feel like I haven't scrapbooked in soooo long!! I have set a personal goal to complete 20 scrapbook pages this month and I am almost finished!! Here is a layout that I made. I just need to add my journaling and maybe some embellishments and I am done. *Voila!!!
*Note: I realize that I have been saying Viola instead of Voila on my posts!!! Next time please tell me when I do that type of error!! You all must have been wondering who this Viola person was!!


  1. Ha! I tend to type the way I talk... so instead of "voila"... I was typing "wa-lah"! LOL! My sister (a journalist by trade) pointed this out to me... otherwise I wouldn't have noticed!

    Hey, got your cards today! Super fabulous! THANK YOU!


  2. Oh yea, LOVE the scrapbook page, too!

  3. Great layout! I love Halloween but I've been slacking off and have about 3 years' worth of Halloween parties to scrap. I am so impressed that you would set a goal of 20 oppages and then actually meet it! WOW! I'm lucky if I put together one double page layout per month. You're in anspiration!

  4. Robyn -

    I've been trying to reach you, please shoot me an e-mail.

    Miss you,
    Amanda Ludeker


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