Thursday, April 10, 2008

Meet Gina K!!!

I'm so excited for this edition of my Celebrity Spotlight!! Everyone meet Gina K from Gina K. Designs! Please take a moment to check out her stuff, you will not be disappointed.

Gina's Blog
Gina K. Designs' Website
Gina's NEW product!

Here is a little info about Gina.....

Tell us how you got involved with stamping & scrapbooking.

I remember a friend of mine invited me to a Stampin' Up party. I didn't want to go, but I did it for her. All of a sudden, I was a demonstrator! LOL! The rest is history. What made you decide to go into business for yourself. Whenever I couldn't find a stamp that I needed, I would just draw something. Friends and family told me I should design my own stamps. I finally took their advice. So far, so good!

Do you have anything exciting to share with us about Gina K. Designs?

Well, I do, but I can't because it's something really huge and it has to be a surprise!

Tell us abouty our family.

I am married to my wonderful husband, Tom, who I met when we were both 15. We have two wonderful daughters, Alicia, who is 12 and Rina, who is 10. Alicia draws images for Gina K. Designs and Rina is the only employee who works in shipping who has never had an error when packing an order! (And she's packed a million of them!)

What do you like to do in your "spare" time?

In my spare time, I love to just hang out with my husband and kids. We have a travel trailer and we love to go camping in the summer. Some of the best times and most laughs we've had have been when we're just sitting around the campfire roasting hotdogs. I love that.

What are your goals for the future?

Gina K. Designs will be going through some huge changes and growth within the next year. We've added a new division to our company which will benefit every stamper out there and the best part about it is it will all be free! Gotta' love free!

Here are some cool things I've made with Gina's stamps!

I feel honored to have had this opportunity to spotlight Gina. She is a wonderful person and an awesome business owner. My stamps arrived promptly and she even enclosed personal M&Ms in the box. You gotta have chocolate!!

Thanks Gina!


  1. Love love love all these cards. I love the cuttlebug and the scallop circles. Two of my favorite things to use on a card.

  2. I just love all the cards you've done so cute.

  3. What adorable cards. Gina IS amazing. I need to drag out my CB again.

  4. Thanks for spotlighting Gina. She is awesome. I'm so addicted to her stamps. Also, your cards are wonderful. ~Julie

  5. I love your cards :) I have those images and you've inspired me to use them right now :) I was in a stamping funk and now I can't wait to get them out and case those cards :)

  6. What a wonderful spotlight feature! I have adored Gina K. ever since I purchased my first set from her due to the fact that she was giving almost half of it to charity! I have since learned that she is an amazingly generous and thoughtful person, not to mention a mega talented Artist! Thanks for sharing a bit more about her with us! I really enjoyed this!

  7. Great little interview on Gina, and you showcased some of her creations perfectly. I love your colors, and I agree with the comment above -- cuttlebug bg's and scallops sure make our creativity flow :) Great job!

    Kelly L

  8. Great interview! I love Gina K too! I really need to order some stamps from her!

  9. Lovely cards!!!

    I have an award for you on my blog :)

  10. Gina's the best!! Great interview, I wonder what all these surprises are she's talking about?! LOL!

  11. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

  12. those animal stamps (especially the pig) are so adorable!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    have a great day!

  13. awesome spotlight thanks for sharing more on gina

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