Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I start them young!!

In my house I start them young on the crafts. Can you tell?? This is my 16 month old son trying to play with my Cricut Expression. Of course, you don't see the picture of me quickly whisking him away from this expensive piece of machinery!!


  1. CUTE!!He needs the helmet to use the Cricut!! :) lol

  2. How CUTE is this......sometimes when I'm crafting-I feel I need to wear my crash helmet....and mainly because I get myself going in SO MANY DIRECTIONS-that I'm afraid I'm going to fall right out of my chair. HE IS ADORABLE-and thanks for sharing this with us. TOO CUTE!

  3. Like they said. Helmets are a must. I wear my helmet for the simple fact that i end up puling my hair OUT!!


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