Thursday, April 24, 2008

Episode 11- Paper Cutting


Kelly said...

Wow Robyn, that is quite the cutter! I have the Fiskars rotary cutter and love it, but that one of yours has super powers!!

GoatChick said...

Gosh Nose I about fell out of my chair .. U R dangerous with that CUTTER. HAHAHHAHAHA
Thanks for the TIPS.. U R so smart!!

Anonymous said...

I love your tips, they are great.

I also have a tip for you that will save a little money.

I take the "Stampin Up" paper grid and had them laminated at my local office supply store. It cost me .97cents.

I love it, after stamping or embossing just wipe it clean.

Thanks again for all your tips.

Janean Campbell said...

Wow this is certainly a great method...Everyone needs a cutter like that...

Shawna said...

Go Speed Cutter Go!
You are on fire.:)

Courtney Fowler said...

Ok, need that.

Wow, you're already on episode 11???

Time flies!

Joana said...

thanks for another lovely demo , your cutter looks very professional ( mine is little compare to yours not that size matters LOL)

Anonymous said...

was wondering if you could tell me what the model # of the carl paper cutter is...I can't seem to find one big like that!

Jessica Bradford said...

Robyn.....Hi there. My name is Jessica and I was the one who asked about the Carl paper cutter. I bought one but I don't think I got the right one. My won't cut paper that is 12x12. Can you give the model # and where you bought it at? Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I just loooove you and your videos. You are such an inspiration. Tbank you so much for all your work you do for all of us..
I was wanting to know which carl cutter do you own and does it have all the blades or if you know which on can be used with all the blades.
Again thank you
Huggs to you

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