Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Pink Loft

Many of you aked to see an updated look at "The Pink Loft". Here is where I create, hang out, and just get to be "me". I don't think I will ever paint it pink but I might pick a new color for it eventually. We were going to turn it into the baby's room but decided that I would be a much better mom if I had a place of my own. I'm very happy with it.


  1. What an awesome space you have!! TFS!

  2. Wow, Robyn what a great room and so organized. I think I could live in a room like that and never come out well except to eat maybe. I could probably sleep under the comp desk. You'd never notice me I'm very quiet.Just kidding I sound like a stalker. Your room is great a wonderful area just for you to create, great therapy I'd say cheap therapy but I know better. Take care.

  3. Great stamping loft and so neat!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Bev J.

  4. What a fantastic stamping and scrapping room!!!
    I am so jealous, makes my desk in the corner of the living room look terrible.

  5. WOw again, I wouldn't want to give up that space either!

    Luck you and I love all your stash!!

  6. Congratulations on your first 40,000! You have a great blog. I'll try and check back often.


  7. What an awesome space! I so jealous

  8. I would love to have a space to call my own like your pink loft! You are very lucky! I have a space in our guest bedroom that is about 3 x 3 and I have to pack everything up when I'm done so my tornado 5 year old doesn't mess with anything! lol Oh well, someday I will have my own can dream! lol I just thought it was funny, you posted today you picked out 2 new colors to paint it and they were both pink, however, this post has you saying you probably would NEVER paint it pink. That's funny! You go girl! Thanks for all your inspiration, too. I appreciate it.


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