Thursday, January 03, 2008

Cricut Vinyl Tutorial

Here is a very simple tutorial on how to apply the vinyl you've cut with your Cricut to your wall, furniture, or other surface.

First apply your vinyl with the backing directly to your Cricut mat.

Next cut your image or letters.

After you cut just peel away the excess vinyl including inside letters and images.

Using transfer tape (similiar to painter's tape) apply directly over your images or letters.

Press firmly down over each letter or image. Carefully remove entire image with backing from your mat. Peel off the vinyl backing and put directly on your wall or other location you want your creation. Apply firm pressure over each letter and carefully remover transfer tape.
Finally, once tape is removed, go over each letter again with your finger and apply light pressure.


  1. Okay, ignore my last question, I just found it on this post. I guess I should have read everything first.

  2. wow...that's so cool! I love your "the Pink Loft" sign!!!
    Great tutorial!

  3. Totally cool! I see from the pics you use Sign Warehouse too, I was introduced a long time ago and now I have my cricut I use them for everything!! They are so awesome! Great prices too! :)


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