Sunday, December 23, 2007


As Christmas day approaches I thought I would take a minute to reflect on all our family traditions both old and new. If you would like to share any as well that would be wonderful!

*My children get to decorate sugar cookies and they each get their own tray. I have been doing this with my family since I was a child. It was always something I looked forward to.

*This year I made fudge, divinity, and white almond bark popcorn to give to friends and just eat. This I am going to do every year. My DH usually doesn't eat chocolate but he just loves my fudge. He told me that it is his favorite treat ever. Of course, I made 5 more batches after he told me this. He usually doesn't enjoy treats that much so when I find one I go crazy with it.

*On Christmas Eve we act out the Nativity as a family then we have "Make your own pizza" night where each of the children and both of us have our own dough and add the sauce, cheese and toppings. The kids absolutely LOVE it! Sometimes I make the dough from scratch and sometimes I just buy it at the store ready to go. I might just do that this year, too, since I want to make things very simple.

*The children all get to open one present on Christmas Eve which has been matching jammies for the past 3 years. I love this tradition but I think the kids aren't sure about the jammie thing anymore. I think they would rather open up a toy or something. They will appreciate it when they are older.

*Tonight my DD's wanted to start a new tradition on the Eve of Christmas Eve. We all stood around the tree holding hands and sang Christmas songs with all the lights turned out in the house and just the tree lights on. We ended up just sitting on the floor around it after awhile. We are going to make this a yearly tradition. It was very sweet and I think my oldest 4 are actually old enough to look forward to this.

I can't think of any others right now but it seems that we have a lot this time of year. I would love to hear all about yours, too, if you have a minute! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!! I have a very exciting post coming up in the next two weeks so please keep your eyes open!!

Have a great night!


  1. One of our favorite traditions is having a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas. We sing happy birthday, and each child blows out a candle on the cake.

  2. On Christmas Eve we do a traditional Polish Wigilia (Vigil). We set the table with one extra place seetting if a stranger happens to stop by in need of shelter, we have straw on the table to remind us of the place of Jesus' birth, we share oplatek (wafer) with every person at the meal to share blessings and wishes for the new year and we serve 13 different (meatless) dishes to symbolize Christ and the apostles. After dinner we sing Polish Christmas carols. It's a lovely evening!

  3. Wonderful traditions. I love the one your DDs started this year. How special!

  4. Love the singing one your DD's started this year...We often just sit and watch the lights on the tree..we sing so badly though I dont know if it would be quite like the evening you had...hehehe...Family time is precious and we have to take the moments when we can get them...


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