Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mother Talk

I have so many thoughts on motherhood every day that I thought I would share some with you. Why is it when your child wants something so badly that we do our best to help them "earn" it or buy it only to discover later that it was a major mistake?? I'm having this issue right now with yoyos in my house. Oh ya, they are great and much fun if you want to play with them the right way but what about when all your kids can do is swing them around and say "yee haw"? I have been hiding yoyos right and left for the past couple of days but my kids always seem to find them. Is it wrong for them to disappear forever?? Yes, they always "promise" to never do it again but then a few minutes later I hear a big THUD followed by crying and an immediate "I'm sorry, it was an accident!" Am I depriving them of a great yoyo talent by throwing them in the trash??

I get a lot of questions every week on how I am able to do it with 5 kids. Well, for one thing, I have to take time out for me. If I gave up my hobbies to be a better housekeeper I would be miserable. I sometimes feel like a mailman when it comes to our laundry. It is never ending!! I did the math yesterday and if everyone just wore one outfit a day (two of my children wear at least two just for fun!) that would equal 49 shirts, 49 pants, 49 underclothes, 49 or more towels, jammies, washcothes, 49 socks, etc. ETA: My DH wears his scrubs all day and then comes home and changes into real clothes so we can times his by 2! That is a lot of clothes each week. I HAVE to take some time for me and if that is scrapbooking or cardmaking then so be it! I am a much better mom when I get a break. Have I mentioned that I might actually get caught up on all my laundry today??? This is a first.

I feel like my house is chaotic a lot of them time. My children are at a very LOUD age. Honestly I don't even know how I do it. I grew up very selfish and impatient. I guess the Lord knew exactly what I needed to work on that! 5 little beautiful children in my home would definitely do the job. We are trying to teach our children not to hit, fight, yell at each other and I feel that we are having much progress. It is a lot of work but so worth it!!

Okay, I'm off to work in my stamp room for awhile. I actually have all my chores done for today because the laundry is in the dryer and I can't fold it and put it away for at least another 45 minutes. I hope I am able to make something while the baby sleeps and the boys play.


  1. Kudos to you Robyn! Sometimes I don't think I can handle TWO kids, let alone 5!!! Wowsers... 'I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!'

    I don't think it's bad to take those yoyos away at all. Especially w/random accidents. Those suckers are hard! How about putting them away until they are older? Or until the youngest is old enough to handle it? That's what I would do. In this day and age w/all the toys and things I'm sure they wouldn't miss it. Just be honest and tell them it's not fair to give it to one and not all of them and that they aren't responsible enough yet (or old enough) not to hit someone so they just need to wait.
    I have a 4yr old DD and I knew I'd get sass around 12 yrs or so but I NEVER thought I'd get it now. Sometimes it is just so darn hard! AND if I would have had my DS first I probably would not have had another at all lol.
    So my hat goes off to you (if I wore one!!). Thanks so much for sharing and realize that you are NOT alone lol.

    Bobbie :)

  2. you are a trooper Robyn, no doubt about it. Be glad I'm not your kid. I wear 3 outfits a day: real clothes, exercise clothes, and jammas.

  3. Cleaning the house while your kids are still growing is like shoveling the sidewalks when the snow is still snowing!

  4. Robbyn, it's great to hear that my house with 5 kids isn't the only one that's chaotic and wild. We are constantly on the kids about fighting and yelling and cleaning up!! I'm glad we're not alone!!!

  5. oh, yo-yo's are definantly an outside toy!!! Put them away until next summer!!! And ignore the clutter and enjoy life!!!

  6. Yo-yos are a good toy to learn the principle of losing toys you can't play responsibly with, or rather, having the "blessings" taken away

  7. 5 kids and yo yos? I don't think so. Out -- trash or charity. Don't look back! You rock!

  8. LOL, Oh Robyn I remember thise days. They do pass however and they do grow up. And you wont even remember these trials. They'll give you all sorts of new ones. It always happens.
    My kids lose it if they cant use it in the manner in which it was intended.
    How depends on alot of things.
    The worst being the mood I am in when I take it a way. On a bad day Immediate trash action. On a good day it would depend on infraction the Number of times I have told them not to do it and their age, and all the other logical stuff, but multiple problems sually would get trash anyways.
    I would also rationalize and tell myself They dont cost that much I can buy another one. when and if they deserve it.

    All in all in the 25 years I have thrown stuff away when I cleaned rooms while they were away. I've only thrown one thing away that really mattered, but she still loves me despite it.

    One last thought: I never really could get a Yo Yo to work right myself, and I rememeber twirling it around above my head. Your kids arent really being bad they are probably just yoyo challenged, and really dont need YoYO's because they dont work. I have the same issue with paddle balls.

    Put them in boxes and give them back when they graduate from High School, or better yet your grandkids when they're their age, that might be funny. LOL

  9. Hi Robyn, I just recently started reading your blog. You're right - you need to have something like stamping that you do for yourself! I have 6 children - 3 biological and adopted 3 siblings - homeschooled them all. The youngest is now 13. As far as the yo-yos go, give instruction as to how they can be used (maybe outside only?) and consequences for using them improperly. When an accident happens, take it away for XX days, give them back for one more chance. If accidents continue, throw them away permanently. That's part of life. Sometimes we make bad decisions and we have to learn and go on! (P.S. I'd cut down on the 2 outfits per day. Have play clothes that are worn for several days after school and be sure to train your kids to help do laundry so they can eventually take over most of it.)


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