Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tag, I'm it!!

I have just been tagged by Donna over at Scrappin Donna! I need to share 7 things about me that you all probably don't know or maybe some of you do. Here goes......

#1- I'm totally afraid of going to the dentist, even though my DH is one!

#2- I met a movie star once named Corky Pigeon from Silver Spoons. (Heather, remember that, too?? You were there with me and we were both only 8 or 9.

#3- I am soooo much older than I look and sound. I promise!

#4- I sleep with the bathroom fan on. This habit started when we were in Kentucky for dental school in our apartment. I could hear the neighbors sometimes and I needed a distraction! It also helped my kids sleep better. Now that we own a house I still do it even though it is completely quiet at night.

#5- My favorite color is purple. SIKE!!! Gotcha! Of course it is pink! I threatened to paint the walls of my bedroom pink but my DH didn't go for it. When I was in highschool we moved into a new house when I was a senior. My mom had my walls, blinds, bedding, and bathroom stuff all peach!! That used to be my favorite color.

#6- I haven't always been the sweet girl you know now. I was a total rebel in highschool to my parents. Sorry mom!! I had a mouth on me and no respect. I finally grew out of that when I turned about 21. I know that I so deserve one of my kids to behave like me but I'm just hoping they won't!

#7- I once drove from California to Utah to Montana by myself with NO radio in my car!!! Yep, that is true! I was moving to my mom's in Montana for a bit and my "new" car did not have a stereo. I had to wear headphones the entire trip. Wow! I was crazy!!

Okay, I don't do well choosing people. If you are on my blogroll then you are tagged!!!

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  1. Yes, I remember Corky Pigeon, wasn't his real name Corky Parker?

    I also recall that every time we went shopping you bought the pink one and I bought the purple one. It didn't matter what it was. : )

    Also, I believe your mouth was bad BEFORE high school. : ) Not that mine was any better.


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