Friday, October 26, 2007

Help me decide!!

I am in the process of downsizing my craft & scrapbooking stuff but I don't know what to do. I have about 120 Stampin' Up! wheels and I think I am going to just keep 10 of my favorites. I never use the smaller ones anymore since I got my Cricut so it is time to let them go to a nice home. Which ones should I keep? I own almost all of them from the past & present. I am going to get rid of my Ink cartridges, too, and only keep 10 of my favorite colors..... what do you suggest. I've also decided to sell all of my punches (and I own about 20-30) since I don't use them anymore. I will, of course, keep a few of those like corner punches but the shapes are all going, going, gone!!

"Why am I doing this" you ask?? Well, after long consideration I have decided that I need to do a little rearranging in my house and let my baby have his own room. At least for a little while until I can trust him to be in the same room as my 2 year old. I am also going to be getting rid of a bunch of other stuff I am not using. This will be very hard but I know I can do it. Wish me luck!!!


  1. I really have a soft spot for the jumbo SU! wheel that I think is called "Laundry day". It's the clothesline with baby clothes on it, I would definately keep that one.
    And the farmyard wheel since the animals can be cut out and used individually.

    As far as punches go I dont know how to help, I dont know what your cricut can do so Im not sure what you need.

    Im sure it will be hard to downsize, sometimes there's more emotional attachment made to "things" then we realize. But coming from someone who has sold every last stamp and started from can do it!

  2. List your items on your blog - they'll sell!! I just sold all my wheels, ink cartridges, handles, etc. I didn't have that many and I sold them as a group. Someone got a great deal! I'm always looking for punches, I'd be delighted to see how you can take my money. LOL

  3. I applaud you for actually going ahead and doing what many of us think about or wish we'd do. I'll bet you'll have no trouble getting rid of your discards. Either offer them as blog candy or list them for sale on your blog. As much as I've been trying to resist, I'll probably buy some....

  4. Good Luck! I like the wheels that work like backgrounds. Like Whirly Twirly, and the one that is like astriks, I cant think of the name.

    If I had Pine bough I'ld keep that one too. And If you dont want to keep it PM me because I NEEED it!:)

    If you cant decide and dont feel like dealing with it now, Just box it up and then the 10 you dig out to use first keep other wise, get rid of it. If you never dig any out then sell the lot you don't need them.

    I saw this from a guy that declutters people homes he takes all their utensils from the kitchen drawers adn puts them in the drawer. then they get a month if you use it you wash it and put it back in the drawer. If you dont you just get rid of the box a the end of the month. It works miracles!

  5. Wow, Robyn! I've done what you are doing. Kind of tugs at the heart strings to let your "babies" move on to new homes. But it is all worth it. Hugs to yout little one - I'm sure it will be easier with his own room

  6. Do your things need to come live at my house??? :) Actually, I think you are doing a good thing purging. I can see that in the next year or so that might happen. I am bad about using my wheels too. Punches I am better about. Will you donate them to a school or church? The hospice near my parents takes that stuff too sometimes. Of course, I bet many of the people that surf here (me included) would be happy to give them a new home for a price .

    Happy purging.

  7. WOW....It's amazing what a MOM will do. I would go decide what you use the most and keep that and close your eyes when putting the ones you don't use in the pile. I would list on your blog or ebay or even Splitcoasters. Good Luck.

  8. but, you know just as soon as you get rid of one..that'll be the one you'll be looking for when you want to make a card or project.. It just never fails.


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