Sunday, September 30, 2007

The cutest card EVER!!

I normally don't say this about my card, okay maybe I do, but this is truly the cutest card I have ever made!! After I made this for a friend tonight I ran downstairs to show the hubby. I thought to myself, surely he is going to freak over this one like I am, right???!!! Of course all I got out of him was... "That's nice, Dear". Maybe he still doesn't get it. After 8 years of making cards you would think that one of them would have made him stop in his tracks but not this one for him. Anyway, I used this card to make some swaps that I totally forgot about! I am so glad I felt some inspiration later in the day. I guess the true motivation is service. I was making a birthday card for a friend and my wheels started turning. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. well robyn maybe if you made the card out of Money, or Tool packaging he'ld sit up and take closer notice! (wink,wink)I think its cute.. Do you think Nice dear is pre programmed into their vocabulary?


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