Wednesday, August 22, 2007

High School Musical 2 Party!!

Friday night was the official opening night of Disney's High School Musical 2. I decided to throw a party with all the young girls from my church. There were about 15-17 of us total and it was a blast. We started out the night by playing some HS Musical games including name that tune & musical microphone. We had pizza, chips, twizzlers, m&m's, & ice cream. The movie wasn't that bad either!!

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  1. Oh yeay, we are getting HSM2 on 21 September in the UK and the girls and I can't wait!!!! lol

    We loved the first one, and the sad thing is that we now generally know all the words to nearly all the songs, have the CD in the car, I know incredibly sad or what!!!

    Well you all look like you had fun


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