Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Photo In A Box

I wanted to explain a little bit about how I take "most" of my pictures for my blog. Sometimes I am in a hurry and will just snap a picture or stick a piece of white cardstock behind and underneath my project. This is what is called "Photoshop in a Box". I bought it on Ebay a couple of months ago. I think I paid $20 for it and that included shipping. I did not invest in the nice lighting yet but I think my system works for now.

It is stored in this little black bag. Very compact and easy to put away.

Here is just the box before I open it to put my projects in.

This is a picture of it open.

For lighting I use my OTT Light. Here are a few examples...

Finally here is my finished picture. I also use my "Enhance" feature on my photo software if needed. It seems to brighten it up very nicely.


  1. Oh yeay, just found this thread again on Splitcoast popped on to your blog to have a little read and just rang my brother up at work and told him this is what he can get me for my birthday (which was last weekend!, lol) from ebay, just found it for him and emailed him the link, so crossed fingers now!!! thanks for a great tutorial

  2. Okay, I have the photo box, I need one of those lamps, but what I cannot figure out is how to get it folded up small enough to fit in the baggy. How do you do it. I'm truly amazed that someone can really get it to fit.

  3. Wow, that's really neat. I have to look that product up!

  4. Have you tried to put your light on the outside of the box? The box is meant to soften the light and make your project "glow" without a glaring highlight from a light.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Photobox......I have to get one of those. Thank you for sharing the information.

  6. sorry - just now getting to this blog - such an awesome idea - i'm about to start my own crafty items as well - you have inspired me so much i have to get started!!!!!! and this is just an awesome idea for photos!!! THANKS yet again for all you do!


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