Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lots of scrappin'!!

Over the past two weeks I have accomplished a lot with my scrapbooking. These pages are very simple but they are done!! Today I will be officially beginning April 2007!!! I cannot even believe it. I was at least 4 years behind when I was doing this as a job. Now that it is just a hobby I am having a blast with it! (Tip: If you want to see the pages better or read the journaling just click on the picture and a larger one will appear.)


  1. Wow! Love your layouts. What a great job. What font did you use on the Family page? I likey! I agree w/ you simple and done is better than still in the shoebox.

  2. Thank you! I used Base Camp on the "family" page. I use that cart the most for my fonts. I think it is so versitile.


  3. Robyn, that is incredible. You are caught up? Any tips for people 11 years behind? LOL

  4. I am a scrapbooker too. I like your pages. I'm caught up for the most part. Just have to complete this summers events. Summer isn't over yet.


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