Saturday, July 07, 2007

Almost 10,000 hits!!

Wow! I can't believe that my blog has been viewed 10,000 times since May 2007! That is when I put my counter up. Thank you all for checking it out. I'm so glad that I haven't bored you. I think that I will put some fun stuff up when I hit 10,000 to give away as blog candy. Man! I really wish I could put my homemade bread on there but it wouldn't taste as good after being in the mail for a few days. I'll let you all know soon.

I haven't posted in the past few days because I have just been having a fun time with summer and my kids. Thursday a friend came over and took my kids to our pool so I could have some quiet time alone while the babies slept. Instead of stamping I cleaned my kitchen and baked some bread. Yummy!! On Friday I took my kids to see the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. It was great!! My first time ever stepping into a museum. Last night our church rented out a small water park and we hung out there for a couple of hours. Super fun!! I have already taken my kids to our pool today. It's nice that it is only 5 houses down and we can walk to it. It's also nice that hardly anyone goes to it at this time of day. I'm trying to turn my white skin into a little bit of brown. We will see.

Another note. I lost 1 more pound doing Slim Fast!! I even had a huge bowl of ice cream last night and brownies at our pool party!! Here is me sounding like a commercial..... "I just have a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch, and a few healthy snacks during the day. After 4pm I eat normal with my family." Maybe I am not losing a ton of weight like I did in the beginning but I will be happy with a pound a week!! I am feeling better about myself and that is all that matters.

Okay, maybe I will make a card in a bit. I have to get caught up with that stinkin' laundry!! We go through so many towels during the summer. It's crazy!!


  1. I think it is great that you are spending time with your children instead of stamping. They need you now. You can always stamp when they are grown and on their own. My girls are 31 and 28 and both live too far away to see them often, so I spend my free(?) time stamping and scrapping.

  2. Congrats on the hits!!
    You've been tagged!!

  3. Robyn, to save on towel laundry, I use coat racks instead of towel bars. I label a name above the hook and then they can use there own towel for a few days and you dont have to worry about anyone using yours. It works great.

    Also, Sorry I hate to tell you the laundry doesnt get any better until they are big enought o do their own!


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