Saturday, June 02, 2007

Not much today....

I haven't done a whole lot today yet. Well, not a lot of scrappin' or stampin' that is. I still have this terrible head cold that just won't go away. Behind my eyes is very painful. The kids are all down at the pool with DH swimming right now and the baby is asleep so it is a little quiet around here. Last week was pretty crazy. I babysat a lot but I don't mind. My friend had her baby on Thursday morning so I watched her 3 & 6 year old all day and they spent the night, too. That was a treat. If you think I am amazing for having 5 kids under the age of 9 try having 7!! Today I have a little break from kids because my DH is home. Next week will be really fun because the kids are out for the summer but I am planning on having little playdates with them to keep them busy. Swimming lessons start on Tuesday and they also have Piano. The only mornings I will need to fill for the summer are Mondays and Fridays.

Okay, I'm off! I'd better get something done while I have all this freedom!


  1. I hope you feel much better soon! I had that same thing and it was horrible :-(

    I can relate to a house full of children...I was the oldest of EIGHT--I don't know how my mom did it .

    You and I talked the other day on SCS regarding stamp producers...we placed our first order. We decidec on Clear Images, Jen is so nice. This is the same as MFT uses.

    I have a new blog and would love your comments. Please visit

  2. Hey, I missed so much in just a few days. I am only going to leave one comment because I am needed for Movie time. The pages area dorable, as is the picture of your mom & siblings. Seems we learned the same joy of gardening as kids.LOL I do love it now but its too rainy to weed, this week so i'll have aton to do when it dries up a bit. The camera sounds great and Last but not least. Aren't stuffed giraffes pink... and all your cards are terrific. How did your bread turn out haven't seen a picture of that yet. Have agreat weekend.

  3. Not to be a nag (!!) but it sounds like you might have a sinus infection. If so and it is a bacterial one, it will linger without antibiotics. Just a thought.

    Your family looks so great! Love your pages.


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