Friday, June 01, 2007

I love my new camera!!!

Well, I've had my new Kodak Easyshare 710 for a few days now and I absolutely LOVE it!! My life has just become a whole lot easier. The pictures are much better and it is just easy to use. All I do after I take pictures is put it on it's dock and push a button. Then the pictures and videos are automatically transferred to the program where it stores ALL my 4500 pictures. I can't believe I did it the hard way for so long. If you are looking for a great camera that is very user friendly I highly recommend this one.

Here is a picture I took with it of a card I made tonight. I love how easy it was to take this bright and fun card.


  1. Robyn,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying your new camera. Your card is Fabulous!!

  2. Oh, you're making me want a new camera. Too bad it isn't in the budget anytime in the near or far off future. Oh well. I hope you enjoy yours thoroughly. I hope to be able to view all your creations more often now that it's so much easier to use your camera. *wink, wink*


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