Thursday, May 31, 2007

My mom....

I'm super excited because my mom, one of my sisters, and two of her girls will be here in one week and two days!! I can't wait. I have a lot of great memories of my mom but one of my favorites is when we lived in Battle Ground, Washington. My mom always made sure we had fun stuff to do on our little "farm". We had chickens, bunny rabbits, goats, a cow, and even a horse for a little bit. We also had a huge garden where my mom taught us how fun that could be to take care of. I'm so grateful for the memories she has given me. Love you mom!


  1. What a small world! I've lived in Washington my whole life and had even bought my first house out in Yacolt. Funny how little the world gets when you're bloggin' huh?

  2. I want to meet them! I leave for a week and look at how much you get done!! Bread, 14 scrapbook pages ... wow. Can I come over next time you use your Bosch? hee hee

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