Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A little creativity tonight.

Tonight Bryan took the girls to a church activity while I stayed home with the boys. After finally getting the two babies in bed I headed to my office and started creating. Yes, I used the same set I've been using but I am just trying to see where I can go with it. It's tough sometimes having over 350 stamp sets. It really takes all the creative sparks out of my system when I have so many things to choose from. I know, it's a tough problem to have. :) I am absolutely in love with the Celery, Turquoise, and Apricot card. I even got a "nice" out of Bryan which means he even thinks it is good. Hope you enjoy....


  1. Very cute card robyn, I still cant see the pink ones but these are cute. Bryan was right it is NICE!

  2. NIce!! heheeh he and Jeffrey must secreatly talk about how to drive us crazy!! I usally get a "HUmmm its nice" hahaha


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