Friday, April 27, 2007

Things I love...

I was just challenged by my friend, Kerry, to post about the things I love on my blog. So here goes.....

I love so many things that I don't even know where to begin. One thing that I am finding that brings me much happiness right now is service. When I am serving others I don't think of myself, I am not slothful or lazy, and I want to serve more & more. That brings me true happiness. My family makes me happy. Yes, it is very crazy having 5 little kids all 9 years old and under but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Growing up I was never the kind of person who loves babies or little children. I did not enjoy babysitting and only did it for the money. Now that I am a "grownup" with my own children I find that I love ALL children. I love to have my friend's children over because I truly love them, too. I really don't know what has changed in me. Maybe it's because I am a mom or maybe it is just simply that I have matured. Whatever the reason I am grateful for it. My husband also makes me happy. I could not have married anyone who would have been a better match for me. It has taken 11 years but I am finally feeling like we fit so well together. This morning when I was up at 5am to feed the baby he turned to me and told me what a great mother I am to all the children and how proud he was of me. That really made me happy. Okay, other things that make me happy are Cherry Limeades from Sonic, Chocolate Maltomeal, frogeye salad, and my friends.


  1. Frog-Eye Salad! I love frog-eye salad too!We had it at our wedding reception.I am finding we have a lot in common. I am sad we have never met in person, but I am glad we are friends via email and blogs! It's fun to get to know you.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about you. Your play list on your blog were all my favorite songs from the 80's!! Maybe we will meet someday. We really don't live that far away. Maybe we can plan a roadtrip and meet at one of our houses.

  3. Oh, my mentor and my mentee hooking up. How cute! It's fun how you two interact. I'm glad you two have become friends. Way to go SU!


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