Friday, April 27, 2007

Super Saturday

Here are some of the cards that we are making during our Super Saturday at church in May. I've designed most of these but some I did copy from some friends and tweak a bit.

This cute icecream cone card was designed by my friend Kerry Black.

This card was made by someone in my Stampin' Up! downline for a group swap. I'm sorry but I can't remember who made it. Post here if it was you.


  1. yaaaaay!!! I can leave comments again! I'm glad you got blogspot to work. I always read your blog no matter where it was but it's much funner when I can leave comments (and funner for you, too, I hope). And thank you for the card - it was a cute ladybug card that you wrote on my birthday. You are a wonderful friend, thank you for doing the little things you do - it makes me feel so good and I know you touch many hearts that way.:-D

  2. Robyn, I am so flattered! That was my first convention swap and I had only been a demo for 5 months when I made that card. I was quite proud of myself! I am so glad you like it enough to use it for your super saturday! I hope the ladies love it!

  3. Beautiful Cards....I have always loved handmade cards and they are so much better than any you could ever purchase! Great job everyone!


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