Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nothing new....

Today was a great Saturday because Bryan was home. For 1 1/2 years he worked on the side for a Dental group as their Endodontist. I had LONG Saturdays and couldn't wait for the day that he quit working for that company. He opens his practice this summer (yaaaaaaa) so he is no longer working Saturdays. It is wonderful! Even if we do nothing at least he is home with me and the kids.

Tonight I finished making 5 of those paper cakes for Relief Society. I am going to pass them out tomorrow. They turned out wonderful. I LOVE my Cricut!! It would have taking me 10 times longer to have to cut them out by hand. WOW is all I can say.

My kids are so sweet and I am so grateful to have them. Brayden is really starting to interact with us. He also started sucking his little fists today. What a sweetie pie. I just love to snuggle him and kiss his chubby cheeks. He is growing up so fast!!


  1. Those were so cute, and now my daughter wants me to make them for her birthday party invitations... we'll see if she still wants them in June- and I might come and try out your cricut!!

    I'm glad you guys get to have "daddy" at home on Saturdays now! :)

  2. Everybody LOVED the birthday cakes!
    I LOVE how positive and creative you are - it's a talent, a strength you possess.

  3. My granddaughter an I love these favors. She now wants them for a slumber party. would you tell me how you did these, I assume they were made with your circut. What cartidge Please?

  4. Yes, they were made with Tags, Bags, Boxes, and more. :)


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