Saturday, March 10, 2007

I exercised!!

I can't even believe it!! I turned on my girls' Cheetah Girls CD and did aerobics/step to it for 25 minutes. Then I did 100 sit-ups!! Can you believe it?? I didn't just do regular sit-ups either. I did 20 where I had Bryan stand over me and throw my legs to the floor and I had to resist it by bringing them back up. I know I will be sore tomorrow but man I feel good now. I can't remember why I don't like to exercise. I really need to get into shape. I am still about 30 pounds from where I need to be. You can't tell when you look at me because I hide it pretty well. I know though. It's frustrating having to still wear maternity jeans when my baby is 3 months old! Another reason I want to start exercising is to make sure my body is healthy. I have been having this pain in my left side in the back under my ribs. I'm not sure if it is a pulled muscle from lifting the baby or something to do with my kidneys. I'm sure just being healthy will help it. I saved $57 today by working out at home!! Let's see how I feel tomorrow when it all hits me!!


  1. I can't wait to exercise! I have one more week until my 6 week check-up and then I will have the green light! I have a brand new pilates DVD waiting for me!Not to mention the weather is starting to warm up, so I can start going for walks. I love spring!

  2. Way to go Robyn! 100 situps - holy cow - my tummy muscles quit at about 50

  3. Way to go!! :) I need to do 100... I usually bail after about 50 too. ;)


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