Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This morning for Valentine's Day I made my children a PINK breakfast. They had strawberry milk, strawberry frosted mini wheats, strawberry yogurt, and I also got them, but they didn't get a chance to eat it, strawberry cream cheese & bagels. Both the girls wore pink to school. I really love Valentine's Day but mainly because of the color PINK! My one big time of the year that it is okay to make everything my favorite color.

It's going to be a very busy "pink" day today. We have a Valentine Brunch this morning at 9:30 with a few friends. I'm going to both my girls parties at school and I am bringing all the Fry boxes I made for them. Then tonight I have Young Womens where we will be eating some goodies (I am going to bring pink cupcakes for the girls) and practicing a skit for New Beginnings.


  1. Wow, you are such an ambitious mother. I cannot believe all that you are making and doing for Valentines Day. Enjoy!

  2. A pink breakfast! That's creative - I love it!!!

  3. I am not worthy to be your friend... ;) You do so many cute and fun things!!

  4. Ok...I am not pregnant anymore, but your post is making me crave strawberry milk! That sounds so good for some reason! What a fun breakfast for the kids.


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