Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Personal Progress

Well, I have officially finished one experience in "Individual Worth". I stood up in Young Womens on Sunday and just said what I did. Then I got to pick a piece of candy out of the jar. I feel like such a kid!! Anyway, the experience that I did was look up a few scriptures about how Heavenly Father knows each one of us individually and how we are all children of God. Then I wrote in my journal about what that means to me. One thought that came to me during this reading was that I am not just another person put here on this earth among millions but I had a personal relationship with God before and he knows me now. Because he knows me he can help me with my individual trials. I know that when I pray I am talking to my Father in Heaven. I am a child of God.


  1. That is so cool that you're doing the YW personal progress goals. I bet the girls love it, too! I missed out on that when I was younger also. That's why I have especially loved my primary callings. And someday I'm sure I'll get my YW experience, too.


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