Saturday, February 24, 2007

Individual Worth Experience

For one of my Personal Progress experiences in Individual Worth I have to record some goals for my future family & personal goals and then share them with a friend or a family member. Well, since both friends and family visit my blog I thought I would just list them here.....

*To get organized in my household chores
*To prepare a weekly meal menu and stick with it
*To be more frugal
*To love my family and to serve them
*To implement a daily chore chart for my kids
*To start a daily schedule and follow it regularly
*To become the kind of person I want to be by serving others regularly

I know there are more goals that I have but I didn't want to list them all. Yaaaa! I just finished another PP experience!!


  1. Robyn,

    I have a chore chart that we use that I could email to you if you are interested. We have one we use and have just personalized it for each kid. If you are interested let me know and I'll send it on over.

  2. Yes, I'd love to see it Heather. I have a few we have used and my kids have loved ALL of them. I'm the problem. I just get too lazy and don't enforce it. Hopefully I can be consistant with it!

  3. I just came across this website recently that might help with your weekly meal planning. I am going to give it a try seems pretty doable!

    O.K. I don't know why that isn't clickable.
    Good luck! SOunds like I need to work on many of those goals myself!

  4. Robyn - You are such a good example. Like you, I did not go through the YW program growing up. Now I've had callings of some kind in every auxilliary except YW, and when I do have the opportunity to serve there, I'm going to do the Individual Worth stuff right along with the YW, just like you're doing! You're awesome!

  5. Those are great goals...

    I need to do most of them too... :)

    Good luck!! :)

  6. I think those goals are great! I have a lot of the same goals. Good luck! :)


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