Monday, February 26, 2007

Dinner was a SUCCESS!!

I just want to thank Kerry for posting this link... . I printed out the sample weekly menu and went shopping with the shopping list today. Tonight I made the Monday meal and ALL of it was sooo yummy. My kids ate it all. My favorite was the salad and the chicken. Wow! That marinade was incredible. So if you are getting kind of bored with the usual dishes give this menu a try. I saved lots of money with the shopping list that I just printed out. It is great!!


  1. I just signed up today. I hope that I'll enjoy them too. I also purchased the Kid Approved Meals. I made a cheesy chicken noodles from it for lunch and my kids loved them. It's nice to have something to make and not have to throw something together last minute. I'm looking forward to getting those emailed menus.

  2. Yeah! I am glad you liked it! My dinner too was pretty good. I only have a family of 3 (who eat real food) and so I have a lot of leftovers.I will have to try the menu you are using. I am excited about this new system.

  3. I just signed up for this. Thanks for passing it along. :)

  4. I hope this doesn't duplicate... I wrote another comment but I can't tell if it went through or got lost... blogger seems to be picky today.

    I just was saying thank you for sharing the website. I just signed up for it too. :)


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