Wednesday, November 01, 2006

What a SURPRISE!!!

Tonight for Young Womens we met at the Pres's house for a mother daughter night. The Pres wouldn't assign me anything to help with which is odd since I like to have something to do. When I got there I found out that it was a surprise baby shower for me!!! All the Young Women came with their mothers and they brought me a meal to put in my freezer for when the baby arrives. They also all did a craft of painting special onesies and burp clothes for me and the baby. We played games, ate a nice dinner, and opened a few gifts. I feel so honored to serve in the Young Women. I feel so close with all of those girls and I love them all like they are my own. This is the first time I've ever served in YW and now I hope that I can do it forever!! We have a special bond and it is wonderful. I am still in shock that they would do this night for me. The Pres did a lot of work and so did the leaders. What a night!!!

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  1. What a fun surprise! They must all really love you!! :)


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