Thursday, November 02, 2006

A special memory....

In the course of my 5 1/2 year Stampin' Up! career I earned 3 Cruises. I decided to take my Grandma on my 2nd cruise to Alaska. It was such a special time that I will remember always. She had just celebrated her 81st birthday and had never been on a cruise. She doesn't even like to fly much. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other and just hanging out. I think our favorite time on the cruise was watching all the shows they put on. She also got to meet many of my Stampin' Up! friends. It is a memory that I will have forever.


  1. Your blog is lovely and the picture of you and your Grandmother on the cruise is just precious. How kind of you to take her with you! Joan

  2. It's fun getting to know someone so well that age doesn't really matter anymore because you know them so well. I can see how that cruise was such a special time.

  3. What a great memory you will always be able to share of time with your Grandma.


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