Monday, November 20, 2006

So grateful for......

The ordinances of the gospel. I was just watching A Baby Story where the little girl was given a blessing and a Hebrew name. After the ceremony the Priest went up to the pulpit and whipped out a shirt for the baby that said "I got my Hebrew name at ........... Church". Can you imagine the Bishop of your ward doing that after a baby blessing? "Oh, by the way, we like to give our babies a t-shirt that says 'I received my blessing in _____ 1st Ward". I am so grateful of the sacredness of the ordinances that happen in our church.


  1. you take issue with another religion that gives a little tee shirt, but i bet you that baby is not required to wear that teeshirt 24/7 and bet it doesnt have all kinds of freemasson symbols on it... thats the pot calling the kettle black

  2. Wow Robyn. Judgmental much?


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