Friday, November 10, 2006

Second thoughts....

Here I am with only 3 weeks and 5 days to go and I am starting to have second thoughts about having a c-section. My last three were very successful vbacs. I was reading some information last night on c-sections and I didn't know that I couldn't pick up anything besides the baby for the first 6 weeks. How am I going to manage my family?? Bryan will only be home for the first week after I get home from the hospital and then I will be completely on my own. Now that the time is getting closer I feel the need to dig deep in prayer and thought and figure out what exactly would be the best thing to do. I could always just attempt another vbac and then if it isn't successful go ahead and have the c-section. The reason why we decided a c-section this time is that it just felt right. "B" prayed about it and also came to that conclusion. I haven't received a direct answer yet but I have not really asked that question. I guess I am just really scared. I am going to be a mom of 5 children. How can I expect to do all that I am required to do if I am recovering from major surgery?? It's probably just because the time is getting so close that all my fears are setting in. Is it normal to be scared to have my 5th child?? I've never been this nervous before any birth besides my first. Yesterday was just an emotional day as I was thinking about all of this.


  1. Robyn
    Logically - six weeks will fly by when we're all helping you (the ward family) and if I know the first thing about you, you'll find creative ways to pick things anyways. But I know "pregnant" and "logic" don't get along in the same sentence.
    Don't worry, we'll all do it together - Shawna

  2. How will you do it?? You'll let us help you. :) You've mentioned how "B" has had a hard time accepting help in the past- perhaps this is to help him learn to accept help from our ward family. Goodness knows you two give uncountable hours of service with the jobs that you do. Now is our turn to serve you...

    But if you do want to look more into the vbac again, I would. A vbac is far less traumatic for both you and the baby than the c-section. If you have had successfull vbac's in the past you probably would have a great chance of one this time as well. No matter how this baby is delivered... we are just a phone call away. :)

    Oh and fear about becoming a mom of five is natural. I've had that fear each and every time I've had a baby- what am I doing??? Why did I think I could do this??? It all works out. :)

  3. Robyn,
    Sorry I am so slow on this, I haven't checked your blog for a few days. I am getting ready to leave on vacation tomorrow. I had 4 c-sections and it actually got easier by the 4th! My children were finally getting old enough to help more by then. I think you will do just fine. I would still pray about it, but I just wanted to throw that out there. Good luck with your decision. I know you are going to be fine and have help though. Enjoy! It is almost time. ;)

  4. It sounds like you have a great ward that will help take care of you, no matter what you decide. Heavenly Father's aware of your fears. He loves you and will help you through it all. (((Hugs!)))


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