Friday, November 10, 2006

For me???

Today "B" had the day off from work so I just let him do his thing. He had to prepare a talk for Sunday and go visit the girls at school for lunch. I took the boys with me to run some errands. When I returned these beautiful roses were waiting for me on the counter. I don't know how long it has been since he bought me flowers, at least 2 years!! What a sweet husband. I think he has seen how I've been feeling these past couple of days and wanted to do something nice.
On another note.... I went to Bath & Bodyworks and got myself a gift from my kids. Hee hee. They had those soft robes that you could get for a discounted price with your purchase so I bought one. I figured that I needed a good one for the hospital since I will be there for so many days!! I also got some of their hand soap which was only $2.50 each. We live off of those and they smell so yummy.

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