Monday, November 06, 2006

Deep thoughts...

Last night "B" took a friend to the Gladys Night presentation that our church was holding at our Stake Center so I was to myself and my deep thoughts. After the kids were in bed I sat in my office making cards for people and listening to General Conference of April 2005. It seemed like every talk was written just for me. I learned many things but it seems like I forgot a lot this morning. I wish I would have taken notes last night. One talk that really hit me was about being kind. I made a decision that I was not going to raise my voice to my children or get angry at silly little things. Even if someone does me wrong, or if the check-out person at the store is grumpy, why should I let that effect how "I" treat others?? This morning I did not get upset or grouchy with my girls once while they were getting ready for school. That is a really hard task especially since my 6 yr old does many things that would make anyone's blood rise. I just talked to her calmly and asked her to do the things she was supposed to be doing. It is amazing that she didn't get sassy with me once!! We usually have a major struggle each and every morning. It is all about how I react because she just reflects my mood. Listening to these spiritual talks from Apostles of the Lord made me just really think. I need to change NOW! I know it is so hard to do this while I am pregnant but I am sure going to try. I'm not going to give up and give in to my negative thoughts and attitudes. I am going to be the "kind" of personal I want to be. I am going to stop comparing myself to others. When I finally went to bed last night I turned to my scriptures and it is amazing that the passage I was reading just reinforced what the talks all said.

I hope that all made sense. I am really tired this morning so it might just seem like ramblings. Guess what?? I am determined to get all my laundry done today!! Do you think I can do it??? My family would be in shock! It's just so hard to carry those heavy baskets and walk up and down the stairs. BUT, I can do it! The pioneers had to endure so much more than doing laundry when they were pregnant!

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