Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas is coming......

The goose is getting fat..... please to put a penny in the old man's hat.

I'm sorry but that song just got stuck in my head. Last night I stayed up and wrapped some of the presents I have bought for the kids for Christmas. My goal is to be completely done by next Friday night. I am going Black Friday shopping with my friend, Ranae. I have already seen the ads, know what I want, have a budget, and it's off we go. I really hope I can get some of those Cabbage Patch Kids Special Edition dolls. "M" is just so into babies. She has one CBK now, she will get one when the baby is born, and I think she'll get one from Santa and one from us. She will have a nice little CBK family! I still played with Cabbage Patch Kids up until I was 12. "K" wants one, too, but I think this might be one of the last years she gets one. She is growing into such a sweet little girl, almost a Young Woman. She is polite, has great manners, and wants to please others. If she ever got her card pulled or a checkmark in school that would be the end of it!

Today is such a yucky day. It rained all night and now is rainy and bitter cold. I kept "K" home from school today because she had a stomach ache in the middle of the night and is still not feeling great. I know exactly how she feels. Yesterday my stomach hurt so bad that I could hardly walk. I was having quite a few contractions and just the pains of pregnancy. I hope today is better because there is so much I need to do.

Tonight is Young Womens and we are having a "Mini Standard's Night" for them. The big Standard's Night will be held by the Stake in January. Ours is going to be low-key and just fun. I am over "Media". I am sooo excited to present my portion. I am going to have a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and talk about how that is after we take the Sacrament each week, repent, etc. Then, I have all these CUTE little presents wrapped up with wrapping paper that I stamped myself, thank you very much! I worked really hard to make sure they were beautiful with ribbon & matching 3x3 cards. Each girl is going to "ooooo and ahhhhh" over them. Then I will let a YW pick one and ask her if she wants to open it. In the card I am going to have a quote from President Hinckley about the fifth of the world or media. Then when the YW opens up the gift she will find either dirt, rocks, bark, twigs, weeks, dead leaves. I will have her come up and add that to my Sundae. My point will be that Satan does his best to wrap up the evil things of the world in beautiful packages and sometimes the tempation is just too much and we want to see what is inside. For example, some of the commercials on TV for the programs or movies really intice us. Once we are watching them it is too late and our Spirit has already recieved some of the fifth.

I hope that all makes sense. I only have 10 minutes so I am going to have to be brief. For the dessert the girls are going to get to eat a real Sundae that we are going to have ready with crushed Oreos (dirt), and gummy worms. Hopefully they will remember this visual aid everytime they are listening to music, watching TV, or playing on the internet.


  1. Robyn I LOVE that lesson idea!!! I wish I was a YW just so I could come tonight for that lesson!

  2. That sounds like such a great object lesson, Robyn! Good luck tonight and with your goal of getting all of your Christmas shopping done by next week! :)

  3. I like your ice cream idea. Have you seen the "Mormonad" (do they still call them that?--You know the posters in the New Era...)With the dish of ice cream with a roach coming out of it. I think it says "It was really good, except for that one part..." Your object lesson reminds me of that. I think it's specifically talking about the excuses we make in relation to movies, tv and music, etc. Anyway...I must say that I'm totally jealous that you are almost done with your shopping. I have not even started and have been having nightmares about having nothing to give my children on Christmas morning. Yikes, I guess I'd better get busy with that.


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