Sunday, November 26, 2006

Checking in.....

Wow, I have not written in so long. I just have not really felt like it. On Wednesday morning one of the Young Women in my ward threw a surprise baby shower. It was really fun & I was totally surprised! There were about 4 adults there and 4 youth plus my kids. I think a lot of people forgot because it was the first day of a holiday break. We still had a blast. I am just honored that they would do two of these for me. I am so new in this ward and just getting to know the adults.

On Thanksgiving we just had a family day at home. B cooked the turkey and I made everything else. I made my mom's famous fruit salad and everything else was out of boxes or cans. I think as the kids get older we will start cooking from scratch more. Doesn't make sense to me know to spend all day in the kitchen when the kids don't really even know the difference.

Friday I got up at 3:45 am to go Black Friday shopping. Yes, I am one of those. It doesn't mean that I am into the whole commercial thing but it does help us to save money and that is the smartest thing for our growing family. I saved $300 just by going to Walmart and Target that early. I am completely done with all my shopping and I have everything wrapped and ready to be put under the tree. It is a great load off my shoulders because we have so many other things to prepare for in the next 2 weeks. I made a few gifts for family this year and they are all packaged up and ready to be sent as well.

I have my scheduled c-section a week from this Wednesday. My doctor told me that he could do it anytime before then as well because of the pain and contractions I have been having. He asked me if I wanted a Thanksgiving baby and I told him "NO!" I am just not emotionally ready even though I'd better get there soon. We are going to try to hold off until next Wednesday. My dr said that this coming Friday would also be a good date because I will be officially 38 weeks. It just seems too soon!! I'm just going to hang in there.

Well, that's all that has been going on.


  1. Wow!! Great deals! :) I was not as motivated and slept in, but I think I did get a few things off of :)

    Please let me know if you need anything... I don't have a lot going on and "T" is already familiar with me so if you need some quiet time during the day and want a place for your boys to come play- let me know. :)

  2. Thanks Julie! I might take you up on that offer next week. I only have a little over a week to go and it is sooo exciting! Thanks for being there.



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