Saturday, October 28, 2006

Monkeys on the brain!!

I've been doing a little "wink, wink" project tonight that has to do with monkeys and a whole lot of them. They are really cute and I just love to stamp with them!!

Here is a random thought I have. Do you keep crayons that are broke in half and little nubs?? I was just cleaning out my kids crayon/marker drawer and I noticed a bunch of really old crayons that were only like 1 inch long and that didn't even have the wrapper anymore. You know what?? I just tossed them!! I'm sure that it is very wasteful but I also got a bunch of packs for .10 after school started. I don't think I could ever work with a broken crayon. It's like when I hear of someone breaking up their Watercolor Wonder Crayons. I just cringe. It would take all my creativity away from me.

Today when I was at Target I saw sets of Cabbage Patch Kids Newborn baby clothes for $12 a set. I almost grabbed two of them but my girls were with me. Then later when I was at the Dollar Tree they had Newborn baby clothes for $1 each!! I'm sure they won't last as long but I was able to get 3x's as many as I would have at Target. I also got little fleece receiving blankets for each of my kids. Here is what we are doing when we have the baby...... I got each of my kids (even the boys) a newborn baby Cabbage Patch Kid boy. They were tough to find but I got all 4 of them!! I am going to bring them to the hospital with me when I go for my C-section and then when the kids come to visit me and the baby later that day they will all be given their very own newborn baby along with a diaper bag. In the diaper bag I am going to put in these little outfits, some premie baby diapers, the receiving blanket and just some little knick-knack things for babies. I hope this will help them with the transition and just have fun with it. I'm really excited about it!!

Good night everyone!


  1. Robyn,
    I love the idea of the cabbage patch kids. Your children are going to feel so special! Great idea! You are an awesome Mom! Keep up the wonderful job you are doing girl!

  2. Wow! What a great comment, Lesa. My friend gave me the idea and I am just running with it and adding a personal touch. Thanks again!!


  3. Cabbage Patch babies for the big sisters & brothers. That's inspired! You're such an awesome mother, Robyn!!!

  4. I love this idea! I'm filing it away in my brain for use later!


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