Friday, October 20, 2006

A Long Night Ahead.....
This is my official first post on my blog. I came home from HFPE to find that my oldest daughter got her fingers slammed in the door. We don't know if they are broken yet, we are going to wait until the morning. Then, I was getting ready to go to bed and my 4 yr old wakes up crying. He has a sore throat and a stuffy nose. I finially get him settled down and my 22 month old wakes up crying with a runny nose and stuffy head. He is in MY bed now sleeping right where I should be. I really don't even mind. He is still my baby, at least for 7 more weeks. Thoughts on that. I cannot believe I am going to have a newborn in 7 weeks. Am I really ready?? Can I be a good mom to so many kids?? (The baby just kicked so I guess I have his vote :) ) Last night I was reading about Lehi's vision about the tree of life. There are two separate groups who make it to the tree and hold to the rod of iron but one group falls away and the other group does not. I was reading the two parts and comparing them. They both had a hold of the Rod of Iron (scriptures) BUT the first group was "clinging" it, which means they were dilligent and the second group was holding fast to it. I still need to think about this more and digest it. I don't want to dig too deep but this has really been on my mind lately. I hope I can "hold fast" to the iron rod, too. On Monday Bryan taught our Family Home Evening lesson. He taught the children about the plan of salvation and the 3 degrees of glory. They have sooo many questions. I know that our Father in Heaven sent down the most valiant spirits in these last days. They have sooo much they will need to go through that we cannot even imagine. I hope I can do my part as a mother in Zion to prepare them.


  1. Robbbyn!
    I know I don't have voting rights but I'm going to tell you my vote anyways. You are an awesome mom and your family is beautiful and other moms and families are strengthened by your presence.

  2. Robyn, I thought I would go back to the beginning and see where it all started. I did not realize that it was WAY back Friday 10/20/2006 that you completed your first post. I would love to say that from what you are showing the world today 4/25/2011, you have been living and doing your part as a mother to all 5 of your children. You are an inspiration to SOOOOOOO many. Keep sharing your WONDERFUL God given talents.

  3. Hi Robyn, I'm not sure how I ended up reading your first post. I just recently found out I was pregnant with my 4th child. My husband is so happy. Myself, I'm taking it day by day. See, I always wanted to start my own home base business like yourself. Actually, I have a business called Faithful Hands Solutions, but sometimes I get so discourage until I read about the "Iron Rod". I want to be a good Stewart, and I know Our Heavenly Father will see me through. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for everything.

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