Monday, October 30, 2006

I must be crazy!!

I just cleaned out my garage and found all the baby stuff. I also found an ENTIRE bin filled with 18 month summer clothes. Uggggggg!!! "T" could have totally used them. I ended up buying him a bunch this summer because I just didn't think we had many for "A". He is 22 months now and it is getting cold out so I just went ahead and packed them back up along with his 18 month clothes that he wears now. What a waste!! If I was more organized I would have known exactly what was in that bin! I've been sorting today, cleaning, and preparing. It just seems like I have so much yet to do.

On the bright side, I get to buy a new baby swing because ours is pretty old and has served it's time. I just love buying new baby accessories. With our first 3 children we could not afford to buy anything so almost everything was hand-me-downs or from my baby showers. I didn't get a baby shower with "T" so we just bought what we needed. I bought my first basinet and changing table and he was baby number 4!! I am pretty prepared with this one. I just had to buy a new car seat because our last one had been through a lot of babies and was just getting rickety. I wanted a new one! I just love little baby outfits. I can't wait to finish sorting through them today to see what I have and what I still need. Maybe I'll get the final things this weekend. We will see.

I really have been trying to be careful today but I just needed to clean out my entire garage. You couldn't even walk through it. I have it swept out and everything back in it's rightful place. I think that is one of the main jobs I do every fall. Clean our garage!! I remember doing it last year the day after Thanksgiving. The kids were so happy to have a place to ride their bikes again. I'm sure the girls will be happy when they get home today because they will be able to play in there.

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