Monday, October 30, 2006

Do Not Run....

I am reminded of a scripture in D&C 10:4 today which reads: "Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength..." I woke up with one goal in mind. To get my house in order!! I have laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, and I want to get the baby stuff ready and out of the garage. I woke up feeling great. In fact, I didn't have to take any pain meds at all yesterday or last night. My pubic bone felt fine. Well, this morning, after only one load of dishes and one load of laundry I am exhausted!! It's sooo weird because I have this desire to do it all but my body really will not cooperate. Normally it is the other way around and I don't feel like doing chores. I just don't want to go into preterm labor again but I need to get this stuff done. I know that I am the only person who will do it like I want it so I should just do it, right?? I guess I could just take little breaks in between. The only problem with that is that once I am sitting or laying down I usually don't want to get back up. I don't want to have to take any pain meds today, I want to do it on my own!! I want to know if my body is overdoing it by feeling the pain.

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